22 Nov

The new oil “Serenus” extra virgin biological is ready at Cielsereno farm!!!!

The new oil “Serenus” extra virgin biological 2016 is ready at Cielsereno Farm!!!

We harvest the olives with passion, love and all by hand…we believe in the organic concept so that we have an oil wich is  green,  smells  like an artichoke and with a spicy aftertaste

I suggest to use Oil Serenus in your kitchen for cocking  and fresh in your dishes like salads, vegetables, meat and last but not least, with the famous bruschetta!!!!

We can ship to your country the oil in bottles of half litre and 0,750 ml or in can of 5 litres.

Christmas time is coming so you can use it in your special Christmas Box!!!

Contact us when you want

Thank you very much!